How can I order?

  • Apart from calling the stores direct, you may now order online through this website. The only difference between the two channels would be ease of ordering and source location
  • To order, just click on the items that you fancy and select the 1) quantity and the 2) portion size. It will lead you to a checkout leading to an email confirmation. Our team will reach to you via SMS soonest that they receive the order to facilitate 1) the confirmation of your order, 2) to offer the payment methods, and 3) to arrange the delivery details


What are the payment terms?

  • We process the order online and offer various payment methods and will be processed by our team. The team will be in touch after receiving your online order. You will also receive an email notification once the online order pushed through to the team. Kindly await for correspondence.
  • Gcash, Paymaya, AUB bank transfer, and credit card payments (Visa or Mastercard) are available via Paymongo.
  • All credit card transactions/orders will be handled by our New Manila Team. Release of item and delivery source will also come from this location.
  • COD will be via rider hailing apps (such as lalamove) and will be subject to cash handling fees by the app (usually +50 on top of prevailing delivery rate).
  • Cancellation will not be allowed once payment has been done. However, you may change delivery schedule 3 days prior to the date of the delivery under the condition that the food has not yet been prepared.


What are the delivery charges?

  • We use the top rider-hailing apps and charge at cost (sometimes, we round up for buffers)
  • Similarly, you may book your own rider to pickup from us. We will most likely be unable to facilitate delivery for you during peak days but pickup arrangements are always welcome
  • All online orders are centralized at our team based in New Manila, QC


Can you deliver outside of Metro Manila?

  • As long as the rider-hailing apps cover your area, we will normally be able to! Per experience, most of Rizal, and nearby Bulacan, Laguna and Cavite are reachable
  • Rates subject to current circumstances


When will I receive my orders?

  • For better service, please order ahead of time (half a day) to ensure we receive it even during the busiest times
  • On weekdays, 30-45 minutes ahead of the delivery time is possible. Travel time is not included and depends on location. There will be some delays in accepting the order if it falls on the weekends and holidays
  • All orders will be processed same day as soon as possible, during operating hours. However, our cut off time will be every 5PM. Orders made beyond that will be considered for next-day delivery.


Can I use our Seniors, PWD or any equivalent?

  • We may, in most cases, honor these cards but may request a screenshot of the ID
  • Standard applicability of discount will be in effect (# of ID divided by the portion size of the item)
  • By law, it is our right to determine the validity of the ID. Similarly, since these cards are not physically presented, we may request that these cards reveal the address of the bearer that is similar to the delivery address
  • Applicability of these cards are not to be used in conjunction with a promo item or a promo bundle
  • The applicability of these cards are disabled on the website ordering platform


Can you do bulk orders?

  • All the time! But this will have to be checked with stock availability, especially if the orders are due in the next two days.
  • For bulk orders, it would be best to call our team directly at 0917 684 0921


What is your packaging?

  • Depending on your item, standard packaging will be on clear plastic containers.
  • Bento boxes are placed on biodegradable paper two-way containers.
  • Trays are in aluminum trays.
  • The box is subject to request and may be charged a small packaging fee.
  • To save on waste, we will put utensils and napkins via request.
  • If it is a gift, we can place ribbons, as well as cards (standard or customized). Just let us know!


Receiving our product

  • Once food is received, please make sure to remove all covers of containers to aerate the food. Yes, keeping it covered will keep it warm longer, but it will also make the food spoil faster.
  • If food will not be consumed right away, please make sure dishes are at room temperature before refrigerating.
  • Please see the Returns and Exchange section should you have any issues with our food upon arriving at your doors


What if I need to reheat the food?

  • Reheating instructions are provided in a label in each container/box. Most of the items will just require short heating times under typical microwave or oven.
  • For desserts, cakes or any items that needs to be refrigerated, just chill if these items will not be consumed right away.